Fort Lauderdale - Coral Ridge Isles & Coral Heights

The lesser known "Corals" of Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park lie just along Commercial Boulevard on the north side of Fort Lauderdale.   Well located, both neighborhoods are just a mile off the beach and east of I-95.  Coral Ridge Isles is to the north, and inside Fort Lauderdale.   Coral Heights is to the south, and within Oakland Park.  Some next-door neighbors are within different cities!

There's a home for everyone in The Corals.   Plenty of apartments, inexpensive condos, typical 50's ranchers and larger luxury homes populate the two neighborhoods.  Here's a trick:  Single family homes can be found with convenient co-op apartments on the same block.  Buy a home, and later on when the in-laws want to retire, you can have them nearby but not under your roof!

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